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Sex Turns In To So Much More When An Escort Steps Out

Ginger had been in the escort business for quite some time and had quite a few regular customers. She had been taught by her mentors to never kiss the men on the lips as it would bring her closer to the men and it could hurt her. One of her regular customer’s had been coming to her for a few years. Unlike most of her client’s, he was unique in the fact that he was not married. In fact, he had told her that she was the only person he was with. This was something that was few and far between, but he told her it was because he liked the way that she felt and beyond that their conversations.

She was actually quite concerned because she was falling for him. The way he treated her was second to none. He really seemed to worry and care about her, but sometimes he would push her buttons by telling her maybe she should stop hooking and try something new. One night when they were together she felt a sudden rush of heat that lit her up. She was hot and wanted him, which never happened with any of her other Johns. So she decided that she was going to try to see if they could make things work. The only she knew though was that she would have to give up turning tricks.

He told her that he would not be controlling, that it had to be her decision and eventually she stopped turning tricks. Turns out he made plenty of money as a lawyer so she really didn’t need to work anymore. She was madly in love with him and he took wonderful care of her. He gave her everything she wanted and they eventually got married and they had one vow no one knew about. It was to make sure that they never told another soul about how they met as that might be embarrassing to both of them. They never did tell anyone and they lived a very sexually fulfilled life.

She would cook dinner for him and since they were both on the fiendish side they had sex as much as they possibly could. It was a rare relationship, but it was so hot that they were both satisfied. They even had fun times goofing around and chasing each other around the huge house he had built for her. It was the marriage fairytales are made of, but if she had stayed in the business he told her that things would not have worked out. It just goes to show that sometimes you find the person of your dreams in the strangest place.

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10 Hot Sex Tips for Fall – Cosmopolitan.com (blog)

Cosmopolitan.com (blog)
10 Hot Sex Tips for Fall
Cosmopolitan.com (blog)
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